The Haus Of Nina
is bringing under 'one roof' 
Art, Music, Spirituality and Voyage,
merging them and showing their symbiosis.
Therefore, all of the products presented here have artistic roots, designs have been originally made
by the owner herself,
or creators co-operating with AgaNina.
t-shirt-mockup-featuring-a-white-bearded-man-and-a-woman-laughing-32868 (1).png
•  Be a Free Spirit • 
We care about the Environment just as much as you do.
Therefore, we have added some special
custom-designed, hand-made, cut and sewn garments,
that are unique in every way.
Each piece is completely made to your order.
Great majority of these Bio-Products consist of
at least 30% organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials, including organic cotton and recycled polyester.

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Why eco-friendly?

When compared to conventional cotton
or polyester, organic cotton production
generates 46% and recycled polyester 79%
less CO2 emissions,
as well as saves water and energy.


The Haus of Nina

has created a collection of articles

which will become your Rock Band

„must have“ items.

The selection of products is featuring Original Logo,

conceived and drawn by Hendrik Bretschneider

(Grooving Doctors Challenge Drummer).

 A significant portion of the profit generated

will go directly to

the Charity Organisations, particularly to

Grooving Doctors e.V.

Apparel ~ Art ~ Blog

'Unapologetic, unsubordinated,
however grounded, and centred images
mirror a synergy that's
beyond perfect.
The Roses and The Cross
joining here two worlds,
where hot and cold, fire and earth,
heart and head,
are becoming new, modern,
and more coherent form of
Yin and yang.'

AgaNina [Founder of TheHausOfNina]

about her Logo Design


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