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A married couple of Artists with the Camera instead of brush. Both, Gareth and Brigitte, are complementing each other and contributing great deal to the German Art scene, leaving their legacy behind.

Since many years they have been actively supporting local Charity Foundations, as well as Artist Groups and Musicians. With his wide range of Photos has Gareth Tynan contributed to the popularity of many young and rising stars, not only in the Hessen region, but in the entire Germany and beyond. Having had his roots exactly there, where Winnie the Pooh was born, has Tynan the Story telling in blood. He often says about himself - 'My camera shows the real nature of Art and Artists, it goes deeper and brings to the surface what an eye can't see'. Gareth, since many years, has been contributing to NinaRose Music and Arozavitch growth and expansion.

Brigitte, apart from turning photos into beautiful abstract pictures, shows movement and certain objects from a very different perspective. Brigitte contributed to NinaRose Music 'Music is Art - Art is Music collection, enabling AgaNina to create and produce fashion apparel, based and originated from a high profile Art.

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Grooving Doctors Challenge

Hendrik Bretschneider - lithographer, musician, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and visual artist, as well as drummer of the Grooving Doctors Challenge has devoted his life to a large extent to creativity and art to this day. One of his many designs led to the band logo of the "Grooving Doctors Challenge" in which the musical side of the band is combined with the charitable, humanistic side.

Hendrik has been the drummer for the Grooving Doctors since 2008. He is valued as a person for his kindness, modesty and reliability, and as a drummer for his clockwork precision, but also for his virtuosity.

....he loves pizza, his wife's handmade lasagne and Haribo confectionery

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The Haus of Nina has created a collection of articles  featuring Original Logo, conceived and drawn

by Hendrik Bretschneider

- Grooving Doctors Challenge Drummer -.

 A significant portion of the profit generated will directly go to the Charity Organisations.

Traumhanft (*german)

– in oder words – Dreamy-Cannabis is a brand created

in 2021 by two, totally fascinated with the healing force

of cannabidiol, Power Women.

Both Irina and Iris, devoted to a healthy lifestyle and promoting their passion for nutritious and robust wellbeing, started a brand, which is mirroring their absolute dedication to better living.

Traumhanft is an extension of their already existing, Food & Cosmetic Cannabis-based Company – Hanf-Point GbR.

At the core of their project one can find cannabis plant, which has led this brand into establishing quite a variety of many food products containing this ingredient (cannabidiol), such as chocolate, tea, beer, muesli, pasta or cookies.

The Haus of Nina together with Hanf-Point (Traumhanft)

has created a collection, which will become your fashion

must-have pieces.

Making a statement with what you wear is not just simply trendy nowadays, it's obligatory.

Making a statement with your outfit, bag or accessories

is showing the world what you stand for,

what your beliefs are and what you prefer.

Traumhanft fashion pieces

make you stand out from the crowd.

You lead by example, by promoting healthy choices

and -until now- unconventional choices.

Healing begins on the inside – It shows on the outside.

Choose wisely – wear Traumhanft *Dreamy—Cannabis*

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