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Origins of the Roses

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Embrace the Goddess You Are

– Tree of Life –

One for each, to celebrate and honour the mysterious nature of the cosmos. One Rose for each, to express their power and tenderness. To show the movement, endurance and abundance in the pathway between the source and flow of life, and our expressions of our own gifts. To embrace the Sisterhood within a Divine Feminine, to give her strength in dominating over the three realms of the cosmos: sky, sea and underworld. The Holy Trinity, the sacred trinity, or tri-unity, being one of three and three-in-one. Three separate beautiful beings who are united in a divine relationship, expressing a sense of completeness, perfection and unity.

Three Roses to celebrate the Tree of Life. The living process, related to phases of the moon, seasons, and the human life circle.

It was a cold winter evening. I put on my long fluffy socks, warm sweatshirt, and as I was lighting the candle I began meditating. I was hoping…

I was desperately praying for an inspiration. Contemplating upon what has been and what could have been, I got stuck.

I hadn’t realize, I got stuck in my -NOW- a dead end Alley, with no safe way out.

Inhaling slowly, I found myself in my thoughts, in the far away past. I was again this 8 years old girl of a face fully covered with freckles, and a 32 inch long auburn hair falling back to my knees. There I was, a little girl, dreaming her big dreams, trying to understand the unlimited and infinite mysteries that world could bring.

From the first 10 years of my live, and my childhood, I remember very well my Grandma. I remember how she took care, of our already, pretty large family. I remember how loving, caring and cuddly she used to be, despite her very thin appearance. I remember her thoughtfulness and patience…

I remember long days I spent with her while my Mom was trying to juggle with two jobs. Every Saturday we would go to the Market two streets away and shop for fresh fruit, vegetables, and whatever was needed. We’d return home and I’d sit myself on a large blue wooden kitchen chair, while Grandma commenced with cooking.

I remember participating willingly and with a great joy, learning new things each time. Grandpa would also take his share by baking-cooking meat. To me it was indeed idyllic.

Most of all though, I strongly recall her relationship with my Mom.

There was something there, between these two, which I didn’t manage to understand at the time. There had been situations, which made me blush and conversations leaving a large question mark upon my forehead.

All that came to live in my thoughts exactly 3 decades later, at the age of 38, while meditating and praying for an inspiration. The images of those two women in a perfect harmony, with me by their side, however not at all excluded. The conversations filled with love, compassion and comforting guidance. The endless cuddles and embracing each other’s qualities, being of support despite some occasional standpoint differences. There I was, part of this Holy Trinity, Divine tri-unity, not aware how it would change my life forever. Unaware, how it would mould me into this woman I am today. Not aware, how it would lead me towards my true Soul purpose. To lead me down the path, which would embrace

The Goddess I Am…

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