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Life experiences unite us through Charity

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Busy with our lives, we mostly do not realize, how fast the time passes us by.

Days turn into months and months turn into years, before we understand how precious time really is.

There are many Cancer survivors among us, there are many who lost their friends and family members due to this cruel disease.

When I think from the time perspective, meeting Cancer throughout my life has been like meeting the same person for the first time, all over again, however each time with a different insight and approach.

I was about 10 years old when my beloved Grandma - Janina died of cancer. She was struggling for a long time, fighting the pains, dizziness and the feeling of being weak and helpless. She was a very strong woman with an incredible hunger for living and an ability to see joy in everything. A tumour, which had been growing and covering a part of her heart, was also pressing on the lung, causing her shallow and short breath and asthma-alike symptoms.

She lived 4 years longer as it had been estimated in the first instance.

Soon after she had gone and one year later, my Grandpa - Jerzy followed her path, also passing away due to cancer. Mr. Cancer had taken over his entire body. I used to live with my Grandparents from an early age, so I experienced first-hand all they went through while fighting for their lives.

It took me years to recover and now I can honestly say that time does not heal such wounds, time changes only how you see such an illness like cancer, and how you approach it.

As an adult woman, young mother of a 4-year-old toddler and a new born baby, I had displeasure to be meeting Mr. Cancer for the third time in my life. I had been on maternity leave and my little Natalia was only 2 weeks old when we received a phone call.

My Ex-Mother-in-Law had jaundice. In less than a week I had Natalia’s passport delivered to me and before she turned 4 weeks old, we were already in Poland. The rest of my maternity leave I had spent, not only looking after my two small children, but primarily looking after my dear friend - Ingeborga. Pancreas cancer was a cruel one and seeing someone who had been so close to my heart, disappear slowly each day, changed me for ever.

Soon after going back to Belfast, I left my job at the World-Famous fashion company, and began working for a Cancer Focus NI Charity foundation. Supporting this Charity with my managerial and retail experience, I was able to contribute a great deal by giving back to those in need. I was also helping in my free time, always having in mind – that we should cherish what we have and appreciate the people who love us.

In 2014 my voyage brough me here, to Germany, to Langen in particular, where I had great pleasure meeting Gareth Tynan and his beloved wife – Brigitte and learning about their life-path.

I remember Gareth telling me the story about his journey with cancer, showing amazingly grateful attitude for still being among us and for such a fast recovery. I also remember how troubled he was about the fact, that he would not have been able to attend many concerts and visit certain places.

When he explained that he was not allowed to carry his over 5 kg heavy bag and the entire photo equipment, I reacted immediately.

I remember saying on the spot ‘I will be your Bag-carrier’, come on let me help you.

He laughed with amusement and agreed. Shortly after, we were at the Grooving Doctors concert, my first Grooving Doctors concert in Bad Homburg.

I belive, my Life-Path has brought me here, and I believe it has brought me here for a reason.

I am greatful for having been given an opportunity of supporting a great cause.

The Grooving Doctors Challenge band and the Grooving Doctors charity foundation support since over a decade Hospitals, Hospices and those in need.

In my life, I experienced many times, how charity can bring people closer, and it brings people together through their experiences.

We are here on Earth to unite regardless of nationality, beliefs or status. We are here to unite as one and to make a difference. We are here to help and to cherish simple moments.

Unite with me through this good cause .

Best Regards


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