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Traumhanft (*german) – in oder words – Dreamy-Cannabis

is a brand created in 2021 by two, totally fascinated with the healing force of cannabidiol, Power Women.

Both Irina and Iris, devoted to a healthy lifestyle and promoting their passion for nutritious and robust wellbeing, started a brand,

which is mirroring their absolute dedication to better living.

Traumhanft is an extension of their already existing, Food & Cosmetic Cannabis-based Company – Hanf-Point GbR.

At the core of their project one can find cannabis plant, which has led this brand into establishing quite a variety of many food products containing this ingredient (cannabidiol), such as chocolate, tea,

beer, muesli, pasta or cookies.

The Haus Of Nina together with Hanf-Point (Traumhanft)

has created a collection, which will become your must-have pieces.

Making a statement with what you wear is not just simply trendy nowadays, it's obligatory.

Making a statement with your outfit, bag or accessories

is showing the world what you stand for, what your beliefs are

and what you prefer.

Traumhanft fashion pieces make you stand out from the crowd.

You lead by example, by promoting healthy choices

and -until now- unconventional choices.

Healing begins on the inside – It shows on the outside.

Choose wisely – wear Traumhanft *Dreamy—Cannabis*

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