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'Raise Up' Leggings


Inspired by the World of Celtic Myths and Woodland Fairies,
"Rage Of The Fairies" Leggins embrace the Power of Divine Feminine and mystic energies of the Nature. The photo itself originate from the Woodland-Photo shooting for a music and video production of Arozavitch song – Rage Of The Fairies, and later Karma.
Design itself carries an unspoken message – ‘Even the little Fairies should not be underestimated, their great Power and White Magic can swiftly turn into a Rage, one cannot easily escape or hide from. Calling upon a collective awakening, The Mother Fairy shakes up all roots of the already known existence…’
The story “Rage of the Fairies” relates to Spiritual Awakening, Spiritual Development, Changes and the Path we ought to take.


The Fabric has been custom-designed, cut and sewn to create a unique and hand-made product. Each product is completely made to your order, therefore it may take up to 4 weeks, before it is delivered to you. It consists of at least 30% organic, recycled, or biodegradable materials. The manufacturing of this item is lawful, ethical, and safe to the workers and environment.

Original Photo/Artwork by Gareth Tynan
Link to the Video:

Article 551.2021.02
Treat yourself with the trendy and flattering crossover leggings with pockets. Feel exceptional comfort all through your training and keep your valuables close with the practical side pockets.

• 74% polyester, 26% spandex
• UPF 50+
• Soft and stretchy fabric with a mild-compression feel
• Comfortable fit
• Flattering cut
• High-waisted
• 1 pocket on each side
• Triangle gusset

'Raise up' Leggings

Sales Tax Included
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