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Art is Music ~ Music is Art

The primary concept for this project was born in summer 2016.

AgaNina designed and produced fashion garments, printed with the Art

of a very talented Artist - Brigitte Grausam-Tynan.

During the 2016 Art Promenade in Langen (Hessen-Germany),

Aga Nina and her two children presented these unique dresses.

Wearing the artwork, Nina then went on to present a magnificent

street-performance, as well as sang with her Band at the event in Luther Platz organized by Cafe Beans.

The idea of wearing art, merging it with music and transforming it into

every-day's pieces inspired us to creating a collection named exactly

Art is Music - Music is Art,

featuring Brigitte Grausam-Tynan as a very gifted Artist.

‘The camera is my brush, nature is my paint pot and with my eyes I capture shapes, the light and atmosphere.  A pure joy of colours is the background of my pictures.’

– she humbly says about herself and her work.

Art is Music - Music is Art

takes you on the journey through your dreams, true hearts' desires

and undiscovered shapes of your perception.

Dynamic movement and dance of the colours appeal to everyone,

as the original photo-designs have no gender.

They are suitable for everyone, regardless the age.

Without limitations, borders or taboos.

Art is Music, just like the Music is Art in its very specific way.

Timeless, Limitless, Cosmic.

Untitled design (16).png


Original Design Print

by BGT


Art is Music ~ Music is Art

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